IRON WARRIOR EUROPE - The Submission Challenge

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I. Uniform

The tournaments of the IRON WARRIOR series are "No-Gi" tournaments which means a participant can wear gi pants (judo pants) or a shorts without buttons and zippers and a t-shirt or rashguard.

The use of a mouthguard and groin protector is recommended

Knee and ear guards are allowed.

Taping and bandages are allowed as long as they don't restrict the movement of the joints too much. The judges may check and sign them.

II. Allowed Submissions

- Every chokes without the fingers on the throat.
- Every jointlock except of twisted kneelocks and heelhooks
- Straight neckcranks

III. Banned Submissions

- Twisted neckcranks
- Twisted kneelocks / heelhooks
- Suplexes or throws on the head / neck
- striking of any kind
- eye-gouging
- small joint manipulation
- biting, putting fingers in any opening, biting, hair-pulling
- attacking the groin
- any kind of lubricating substances of the body and / or cloth
- slaming
- chokes / submission holds that are applied uncontrolled and/or can cause serious injuries without giving the chance to tap

IV. Penalties

Warning to disqualifcation

V. End of a fight

A fight is won

- if the opponent quits verbal (means "Stop", "Tap", "Mate" or a "cry of pain") or by tapping on the mat or on his opponents body.
- if the referee sees a fighter is unable to defend himself or is facing serious injuries and stops the fight
- if a fighters get two warnings which will result in a disqualifcation
- if a fighter / his coach / or his fans show unsportsmanlike behavior a fighter / team can be disqualified

VI. Time limit for a fight

There is no time limit!

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